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People are Saying…

"I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what a wonderful experience my father had with your Visiting Nurse physical therapist. From the start Linda was professional, kind and friendly, taking a lot of time with Dad, who is 82 years old. She put him through his paces in an encouraging and supportive way….I believe Linda was instrumental in his quick recovery helping him in his goal of getting back on the golf course." — Encouraging & Supportive Staff
"Following my knee replacement, I had several Visiting Nurse visits at home.  The physical therapy with Evelyn…her professional skills are outstanding. The kind and caring attitude is also wonderful and went a long way to making me more comfortable and confident." — Professional Skills are Outstanding
"The hospice nurses who visited my mother from Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice, gave her the very best and kindest care. They were also her advocates so she could die with dignity and according to her wishes. My mother was comforted, while remaining in familiar surroundings… Your Hospice nurses, aides, and wonderful chaplain were all gently guiding and helping me with information, listening, and suggesting ways to support my mother's journey. I certainly miss my mother but feel that we came through together to the place she wanted and needed to be. I could not have steered this course without the steady support of the Hospice team." — Very Best and Kindest Care
"Having home health care was such a comfort to me and my husband. It can be very scary to be a patient, sick at home, or the caregiver with no one to consult when new issues or questions arise. Without the Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice to help the alternative the wait and worry or return to the Emergency Room, neither of which is good for recovery. Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice bridged an important gap for me between hospitalization and feeling better at home." — Sick at Home
"Words cannot describe how wonderful and positive my PT was. She set me up for success and a speedy recovery. Every session with the PT Visiting Nurse was both difficult and rewarding. She holds your hand through these tough times and guides you on a path to true wellness. I wish I could hire her full time as my life coach!" — Path to true wellness
"The nurses and therapists that treated my wife were, in our opinion, the best at their positions. All were very caring and built up my wife's self-confidence. Therefore I believe that, the Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice deserves recognition." — Best at their positions
"Our family wish to extend our most sincere thanks to the Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice. The professionalism, reliability and also the compassionate care provided to our Mom made it possible for her to remain home. As a result, Mom’s homecare and later hospice was impressive and greatly appreciated." — Reliable & Compassionate Care
"Your Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice staff was absolutely wonderful and professional during my husband’s recent surgery. Our nurse Carol, physical therapist Noni, and telehealth nurses Claire and Joanne were simply amazing. Having such caring, supportive people come to our home to help us through this time was exactly what we needed. We’ll miss their home visits and calls but know this means progress has been made. Many thanks to those ‘angels’ – you have dedicated professionals on your staff." — Caring & Supportive Staff
"Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice provides both human compassion and technical skill. One without the other is useless." — Human Compassion & Skill
"My visiting nurse’s advice was so helpful! I was really impressed. If she had not come to see me at home, I would not have known that great information. She was very thorough and spent as much time as I needed to listen to my concerns and answer all types of questions I had about my baby." — Visiting Nurse Advice

Going the extra mile:

Shirley Ferrara CNA – While providing care to a patient, the patient slumped over and became unresponsive. Shirley lowered him to the floor and alerted his wife to call 911 after assessing that the patient was not breathing. She initiated and maintained CPR until Rescue arrived.

Mary Catherine Harper RN – while providing a supervisory visit assessing home health aide services, typically a 15 – 30 minute visit, Mary Catherine assessed that the patient had a stroke level blood pressure. She contacted his MD, the Veteran Administration case manager and his family. When he refused to go to the hospital in the rescue that she had called for him, she was so concerned with this patient’s health and safety that she remained with him until his family arrived, over two hours.

Danny Alves CNA – Walked to a Hospice patient’s house during a snowstorm to provide needed care.