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To read the URI College of Pharmacy article about what a Home Run the VNS Pharmacy program is, click here.

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Pharmacy Program

Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice is proud to offer a unique program in our Home Care service: Pharmacist visits for home care patients.

In conjunction with URI College of Pharmacy, Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice hosts a PharmD (post-doctoral pharmacist) resident weekly and a half time Pharmacist to make home visits to selected home care patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital. These patients often are confused about their various medications, both from their primary care physicians and from the hospital discharge plan. The visiting Pharmacist looks at all medications the patient has in their possession, clarifies how to take them, and reconciles conflicting prescriptions for the patient with the primary care physician.

The Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice PharmD resident is Dr. Erika Vuernick and the half time pharmacist is Dr. Madeleine Ng. Additionally, Dr. Ginger Lemay from URI College of Pharmacy is involved in our unique program and is part of the Pharmacy team.