Maternal/Child Health


Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice provides home care to infants and children who have had surgery, an injury, or an illness. Included in the services are:

  • Wound care
  • Cast care
  • Asthma care
  • Care for new diabetics
  • Care for seizure disorders
  • Medication administration
  • Physical, occupational, or speech therapies
  • Instruction in use of home medical equipment
  • Care for premature infants from Special Care Nurseries and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • Linkages to community resources.


Maternal Home Care and Early Maternity Discharge

Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice offers home care for women with early maternity discharge and postpartum complications.

  • Breast feeding instruction and support
  • Wound care
  • Postpartum care and monitoring for complications
  • Nutritional support
  • Assessment for maternal depression