Personal Emergency Response System: Lifeline

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5Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice offers a personal emergency response system for seniors living alone to summon emergency help in case of a fall, medical emergency, or home accident. We are partners with Philips Lifeline® Personal Emergency Response System, which is the equipment we install, maintain, and train for our subscribers. Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice trains the family and the subscriber on how to wear the personal “necklace” personal transmitter and use the Help Console installed in the living space.

How Lifeline Works

When the Lifeline transmitter is activated, a trained professional operator contacts the subscriber immediately to determine what kind of assistance is needed. The operator contacts a designated local responder and, if needed, dispatches ambulance, police or fire department personnel to help. A family contact is also notified.

Cost of the Personal Emergency Response System

Standard Lifeline service is $29.99 per month, or about $1 a day. An advanced fall detection system is an additional $13 per month. There are no other hidden fees or long term contracts. Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice is a local provider of Phillips Lifeline®. For more information, contact Judy Leduc RN at 401-682-2100 ext. 1754. Donors who would like to “Adopt a Lifeline” to donate a yearly Lifeline system for one individual who cannot otherwise afford it may make a dedicated gift of $444 to Visiting Nurse Home & Hospice, Lifeline program.